Lanxi seven companies selected the competitiveness of Chinese textile enterprises top 500

Recently, the China Textile Industry Association released the “2014 ~ 2015 annual competitiveness of Chinese textile and garment enterprises 500” list, Lanxi there are seven companies on the list. Lanxi The selected companies are Zhejiang immediately Textile Group, Zhejiang Lan Textile Co., Ltd., Lanxi City, San Yu towels limited liability company,  Zhejiang Chuangweitex Textile Co., Ltd.…

Textile and garment enterprises want to go farther must start from the quality!

China is the world’s largest textile and garment producing countries, the textile industry has a long history, but in such a textile big country, but in recent years, the frequent occurrence of “quality gate” incident, clothing quality problems seriously affect the stability of the industry, SMEs because own conditions, companies only pursue immediate interests, while ignoring the importance of quality and safety, and brand awareness, industry combat confusion unbearable. Therefore, to go more stable, we must start from the quality. Provinces sampling results failed surprising number